Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Straits Cafe @ Hotel Rendezvous (Part II)

Like a dutiful blogger, I have been posting frequently for the last month. However, school work has kicked in, like an atomic bomb or like a tsunami- ruthless and swift. I know my analogies are really bad but that's about as good as I can manage. So, I'm just going to do this post really quickly since people love going to buffets around Chinese New Year! (p.s. I know the pictures look kind of weird coloured. That's because I took them with my phone.)

Anyway, I went to Hotel Rendezvous for their buffet again. Please click here for review of my first trip there. Things have changed since then. The renovations are now over and you no longer need to pass through a maze in order to get to the restaurant.

Evidently, Chinese New Year is now the restaurant's focal concern. Look at the roast chicken, BBQ pork ribs basking in the sun- okay fine, basking under artificial light. The BBQ pork ribs were sweet and juicy.

Even their decorations reflect Chinese New Year- addition of spring rolls, jellyfish etc at the salad station. Pretty ordinary food. Wished they had yusheng or something along those lines.

There are Chinese New Year goodies at the dessert station. There's nian gao, peanut cookie etc. Just wondering why there weren't pineapple tarts.

Oh here's just an obligatory picture of the dessert station, just because it looks good.

Like the first time I had buffet here, the food in general is pretty good. But here are the misses- sushi rice was too hard, durian cake didn't have rich durian taste and grass jelly was too hard. There are some stuff you can't miss though- the prata, famous laksa, chocolate cake (according to my friend, "omg, you have to try this. it's so so rich!" At $43 per person after taxes and service charge, this place, even with its misses, is still a pretty good place for buffet.

Straits Cafe @ Hotel Rendezvous 
9 Bras Basah Road
1F Rendezvous Hotel
Tel No: +65 6336 0220


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