Saturday, January 28, 2012


Since I haven't been eating out much, there is no food review to talk about. Instead, I will talk about food: the origins of food.

Caution: If you love nuggets and think you can't live without nuggets, I suggest you give this post a miss.

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Disclaimer: In this post, I'm referring to the general process of making nuggets, and not to a particular kind of nugget sold in any store. The information below is obtained through internet research, and not meant to smear the reputation or name of any brand of nuggets. Parties who require the removal of this article for whatever reason, kindly inform me. Thank you.

I read an article online about a 17 year old girl who collapsed and was sent to hospital after eating nothing but nuggets since she was 2. Actually the headings were slightly misleading because she didn't eat nuggets occasionally.

That sparked off my research on nuggets. Actually, I have stopped eating nuggets for a period of time ever since I watched Jamie Oliver's video. To think there was once upon a time I would order nuggets thinking that they were comparatively healthier.

It's actually quite amusing when you read the controversies surrounding nuggets.  The best of all was a lawsuit against McDonald's of deceiving its consumers about the high levels of fat, sugar, salt and cholesterol in its products. The judge in that case held that the company had created some "McFrankenstein" foods that are altered during processing. Also, depending on what country you are in, it seems that McNuggets are not created equal. I wonder what kind of nuggets we get in Singapore. If you have watched Super Size Me (a very self-sacrificing experiment, I thought), they tell you what nuggets are made of.

The point of this whole thing is: Eat in moderation and where possible, try to find out what exactly you are eating! I know ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power! 


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