Friday, January 13, 2012

Dapur Penyet

My friend chanced upon the newly opened Dapur Penyet when he was roaming the roads of East Coast. So we decided to try it today. I went googling and it didn't return much search results of this place. Based on what I saw, this seems to be a franchise of a restaurant in Malaysia. 

The place is small but the seats outside were almost full. This photo does injustice to the small crowd that formed shortly after.

I ordered Ayam Bakar (Grilled Chicken) ($6 with rice, otherwise $5.50) because I wanted to fool myself into thinking that it's healthier than Ayam Penyet. After my experience at Ayam Penyet Ria, I ordered a lime juice to get ready for the balacan chilli war, which I ended up losing yet again. Seriously, what's up with the killer chilli? I can only say it's a love-hate relationship between the chilli and me.

The chicken was lean and slightly charred. Accompanied by a delicious marinate. Only pity was that the chicken was too scrawny to satisfy my hearty appetite. Also, although I was never a fan of tempeh to begin with, but the tempeh was too salty. However, the meal was balanced out with a bowl of soup which was light and not greasy at all.

For people who work or stay in the East, this is located on the East Coast stretch with lots of food. It's newly opened but already attracting a decent crowd. The people in the shop are friendly as well. How often do you get people telling you, "Enjoy your meal!" Oh and for those who sweat buckets even in air-con rooms, this is not the place for you. While they have air-con units, it's basically open air so just get ready to sweat it out, especially after eating the chilli!

Dapur Penyet
39 East Coast Road


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