Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kudos to Peking University Vice Principal

I read something interesting from The Straits Times this morning. This piece of news is related to an incident in 2006 where a guy helped an elderly woman who fell, but ended up getting sued for $6076 for allegedly hurting her.

The vice principal of Peking University, Wu Zhi Pan then said this on his microblog:
(photo credit: fangzhan)

Loosely translated, this means "You are from Peking University, if you see an elderly person fall, go ahead and help.  If he falsely accuses you, the law faculty of Peking University will provide legal aid, if you lose the lawsuit, Peking University will foot the bill for you."

I found this statement pretty comforting, because this shows how a university rallies behind its students, how it seeks to inculcate the right values, and how this could possibly set the stage for a more progressive and caring society.


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