Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pempek Kolecta (Batam)

There's just something so alluring about Indonesian food that I can't put a finger to. So, using what limited time we had in Batam, we decided to hop over to Pempek Kolecta, also located in Megamall. 

When the Nasi Kuning (20 000 Rupiah, around $2.85 SGD) first came, we were impressed by the presentation of the food. Look at the colour combination of the food. I can't comment on how this tasted because I didn't eat this, although my friend said that it was quite good.

I ordered Nasi Timbel (23 000 Rupiah, around $3.27 SGD). Its presentation is even better here, with the food not losing at all to the presentation. The rice and chicken is wrapped beautifully in the banana leaf, accompanied by a soup (probably sayur asam) which is slightly spicy but sweet at the same time.

The way it tantilises the taste buds  is good enough a reason to order this dish at the restaurant. However, I felt that the chicken was a little too salty for my liking although the texture was perfect. There were also two large pieces of ikan billis looking fish, fried beancurd and fried tempeh- good, although ordinary. The sambal given was quite little but tasted shiok anyway.

This place may be a little pricier than the rest. But the food is tasty and what a feast for the tummy and the eyes!

Pempek Kolecta (Batam) 
Megamall Batam Centre
Tel No: 778-470513 


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