Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Xiao La Jiao

School has barely started but it already has me up to my neck. Amazing how I increasingly feel that I don't have a life. But it's okay, nothing matters in life except eating. On a second exploration for food at 112 Katong, we decided to have dinner at Xiao La Jiao because the last time we passed by, it was crowded although it was already 3 pm. 

You can either sit here or further in and get a window view. Most people took the window view but we settled for here because, what's new, we were too lazy to walk in further. 

This place sells Sichuan food, and when I think about Sichuan food, I think about mouthwatering, spicy-till-you-want-to-cry food. And this is what you get here!

I ordered Chicken Noodles 鸡丝凉面 ($8). (I googled 鸡丝凉面. Click here if you are interested and can read Chinese.)  I suppose the English name given to it doesn't do it justice. But anyway, there was plenty of chicken- no scrimping at all! And the chicken's not dry, but not moist either. The noodles are also very springy! The chilli which was in abundance was spicy enough to make my tongue numb.

This is a great place to eat at. The servers are attentive and constantly refill your drinks (probably to douse the fire in your mouth). Price is very decent, food portions are good. Drop by 112 Katong Mall for the food surprises that await!

Xiao La Jiao
112 Katong
112 East Coast Road
Tel No: +65 6636 3736


I've been wanting to go but it's far for me. Is it worth traveling down?

I think it's worth travelling down because you can try other new establishments at 112 Katong as well (if you have any stomach space left). And the food here is decently priced and pretty good I think. If you are taking public transport, free shuttle bus from Paya Lebar MRT to 112 Katong! (hopefully my recommendation doesn't turn out bad =p)

I happen to have two $20 vouchers (thanks to a kind soul!), and I'm thinking of dropping by Xiao La Jiao. Thanks for the info!

yay for the vouchers! :) hope you will enjoy it!

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