Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ambush (Junction 8)

I haven't been to Junction 8 for a few years now, and when I exited Bishan MRT, I was like, "Now, where am I supposed to go?" Junction 8 has become more crowded than I last remembered it to be. 

I met a good friend for dinner, someone who I've known for more than a decade. Decided on Ambush, a restaurant selling European cuisine, because the reviews were pretty good. 

It's the first time I've seen menus in the format of newspapers. There are four pages worth, and there is a variety of European fare for you to choose from. 

Here's my friend's review on the Smoked Bratwurst ($12.20):
My order consisted of two bratwurst with rosti, sauergraut (sour cabbage), a small portion of salad on the side and a dollop of sour cream. The sausages were fresh with a a flavorful smoky taste. The skin was not charred but crispy enough, while the insides were still tender and juicy. These were pretty decent bratwurst! The sauergraut had a good tang to it but they could have been more generous with it, as with the salad. The light sour cream also complemented the buttery fried rosti.
The waiters here could be a little more attentive though..we were pretty much invisible for about 10minutes after being seated.

I got myself a Farmer Mushroom Bratwurst ($12.80). Either they didn't state it on the menu, or I'm severely short sighted. I didn't see anything that said what accompanied the bratwurst. So, when I asked the server whether it came with rosti (the picture seemed to suggest so), he said yes. And he continued, "Okay, so you chose rosti." And I replied, "Umm... You mean you have other choices?" It turns out that there's fries and mashed potato to choose from as well.

Rosti is one potato dish that I really like. I tried recreating it once but failed miserably. The rosti was fried to golden brown and the sides were crispy. The potato taste was also strong and that was good. But, I wish it were less oily. The sour cream was also underwhelming.

I couldn't taste the mushrooms in the bratwurst at all. Nonetheless, it's not too salty and had a nice flavour to it. Now, if only they could upsize the rosti and downsize the bratwurst. The sauerkraut is a welcome accompaniment because of its sour taste and crunchy texture.

If you want to come here, I think you should come during lunch because the price of the set lunch is perfect.

The food is pretty worth it for the price. A particular server was friendly but we took a very long time to attract their attention to order the food. The place was not totally full but they seemed to be shorthanded. The guys at the table next to us also got fed up trying to attract their attention to pay the bill. 

Ambush (Junction 8) 
Junction 8 
9 Bishan Place 
Tel No: 6 353 3960 


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