Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Island Pacific Hotel (Hong Kong)

We booked two nights at Island Pacific Hotel and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

1) How to get there
We bought an Airport Express Travel Pass online for 285 HKD (it's cheaper online) with 50 HKD being refundable when you return the card at the airport. This is only useful if you intend to take MTR most of the time and if you are there for three days. 
From the Airport Express Hong Kong Station, you can either take a taxi or walk back to the hotel. Taxi costs about 30 HKD, depending on traffic. 

You can also walk from the Sheung Wan and it takes around 15 minutes if you walk at a moderate speed. 

I read some reviews stating that you could actually take a tram which gets you somewhere near the hotel or that there is a bus from the airport. However, when I sent an email enquiring about public transport options to the hotel, the only answer I got was that I should take a taxi. 

2) Location 
The thing you will realise about this place is that it sells plenty of dried seafood. Everytime we walk back to the hotel, we will smell the dried seafood smell. I'm not particularly adverse to it, but just thought I should mention it. Sometimes, you will see some seafood being dried by the side of the road as well. 

Safe neighbourhood, with bakeries, convenience stalls, dessert stalls and restaurants all in the vicinity. 

Shuttle bus from the hotel to various locations, but not from various locations to the hotel. For example, you could take a shuttle bus to Sheung Wan, but you can't take a shuttle bus from Sheung Wan to the hotel, unless you call them. Here's the shuttle bus guide. 

3) Service 
Excellent service. Everyone from the concierge to the receptionists were very friendly and polite. The concierge were also responsible for asking you where you were going if you wanted to take the shuttle bus. 

4) Room 
The room was well stocked. When we reached, we had three complimentary fruits and two bottles of water. It oversees the harbour and you can also see the buildings in the neighbourhood. There is an iPhone dock which was really convenient because you didn't even need a charger. 

Only gripe was that the thick curtains couldn't close fully such that we got awaken by the morning sun daily. 

5) Bathroom 
The bathroom was quite small but suitable for all purposes. Toiletries are also provided. Hairdryer available.

6) Other amenities
A swimming pool and a gym is also present in the hotel but we didn't get to use them because we didn't have the time to.

This isn't exactly the best location to stay at, if you are looking at shopping near the Kowloon area. However, the presence of shuttle buses to Central MTR may alleviate that problem slightly. Nonetheless, you have to also keep in mind that the shuttle bus ends pretty early so you would have to settle your own transportation back to the hotel.

Other than the location (which really isn't that inconvenient if you don't mind a 15-20 minute walk), everything in this hotel was pleasant and worth the price we paid.

Island Pacific Hotel
152 Connaught Road West
Tel No: 2131 1188
Hong Kong 


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