Monday, July 30, 2012

Zaffron Kitchen

When we first passed by Zaffron Kitchen, we thought it served European cuisine based on its looks. Upon closer inspection, we realised that we couldn't have been more mistaken- Indian food! 

A restaurant that exudes warmness, as you can see from the decor and lighting. Judging by their aprons, you also know that this place is unpretentious and just want their customers to be happy and full. Different wordings were spooted on their aprons such as "The Devil Wears Prata". Now, how much more witty can it get?

We first got a Chicken Chettinad ($14.50) which was spicy. My friend felt that the pepper overpowered the curry taste but I felt it was fine. It was also a perfect dip for the nann we ordered. The chicken was also cooked just right and the meat tore apart easily.

The Tandoori Malai Chicken Tikka ($14.50) had a nice grilled flavour to it. The meat inside was juicy and while I didn't try the green stuff, probably Mint Chutney, my friend took an instant liking to the pairing.

Together with the sauce for the Chicken Chetinad, I could eat Plain Nann ($3.50) forever. The outside of the skin was crispy and the inside was chewy. If only it weren't baked till some bits at the bottom were charred though. I remembered buying a packet of frozen Nann and basically lived a whole week eating Nann, with canned tomato soup, mushroom soup etc. Epitome of laziness but those were good comfort food.

I was curious what the Lachha Paratha ($4) was because it said "Special layered flatbread made with whole wheat flour". Didn't like this too much because it was gleaming with grease. So what exactly is the difference between Prata and Paratha? According to a Google Search, none! One is what it is called in Singapore and the other is what it is called in India.

Because we were still not yet full, we decided to get the Fish Masala ($15.50). Marinated in tumeric, chillies and lemon juice, then sauteed in an onion-tomato masala, it was a pretty sweet dish.

In total we spent $61.20 for two after service charge and GST. Probably a lot more than what I would like to spend on a meal, but it was good to eat Indian food. Make a reservation because the place is pretty small and gets filled up quite quickly. Also, this place is kids friendly.

Zaffron Kitchen
135/137 East Coast Road
Tel No: 6 440 6786 


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