Monday, July 9, 2012

Food Anytime (Dessert Story) (Junction 8)

I didn't even know how to title this post. On one hand, while the name shown on their logo is Food Anytime, the contact card they left was that of Dessert Story. When I checked out their website, it turns out that the original stores were known as "Anytime Food" and I guess it implies that it's now known as Dessert Story. 

When I tried to fish out the Glutinous Rice Balls ($2.80), I was shocked to see that they were so tiny. These had to be the smallest tang yuan I ever saw. To make up for it, there were 5 or 6 of it in the bowl. They tasted ordinary but there was now less kick now that they are in mini size. The peanut soup was also very little. 

The glutinous rice balls had nothing to rave about although my friend found the Mango Sago ($4) she ordered good. Maybe their cold desserts are better? 

Various locations 
Junction 8 
9 Bishan Place 
Tel No: 6356 8775 


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