Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Manhattan Fish Market (The Central)

One of the things my friend must eat whenever he comes back to Singapore is Manhattan Fish Market. Because it's good, filling and cheap (at least cheaper than Fish & Co). But upon checking Fish & Co's website, I realised that their pricing is more competitive than in the past. Maybe I should give it a try some other time.

MFM is having some kind of promotion for groups of 2 and 4, where you pay the same amount for a flaming platter but get a free salad and soup. It didn't apply to us because we used the Groupon. 

We bought the Groupon ($20 for $40) because we knew we weren't going to fork out money without a Groupon to try the Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter ($35.90). Yes, it's that dish that gathers stares everytime it's served because of the aromatic grilled smell and just because, it looks pretty dramatic.

The Garlic Herb rice actually tasted somewhat like Hainanese Chicken Rice which should come as no surprise given that lots of garlic is added into chicken rice. The herb taste didn't stand out. It was also not warm when served. The four Flaming Prawns were coated with mayo and while the flaming process was interesting, had nothing special about it, except maybe the BBQ taste. The grilled fish was good, and the calamari was decent. Pity the amount of vegetables were quite sad- Two broccolis and carrot for each person. 

The food is decent but I definitely wouldn't pay $18++ (the total bill came to $42.24 for 2 people without a Groupon) per person for this. The guy who served us was friendly, although it took many mega waves before we attracted their attention for the menus. Water was also not refilled throughout the meal.

The Manhattan Fish Market (The Central)
The Central @ Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Te Nol: +65 6534 7903


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