Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tai Cheong Bakery (Hong Kong)

The first question you have to ask yourself in deciding whether to visit Tai Cheong Bakery to get their famed egg tarts is: Do I like butter? If your answer is yes, please proceed to the bakery. If not, go somewhere else for egg tarts (e.g. Honolulu Cafe)! Declared as having the best egg tarts by Hong Kong's last governor Chris Patten, it apparently has 15 outlets in Hong Kong and Macau, with the one here in Central being the original one. 

To get there, you may take the Central Mid-Level Escalator if you are feeling lazy to walk the slopes. Note that it goes downhill from 6 am to 10 am and uphill from 1030 am to midnight everyday. I didn't know about this so I walked up at 1015 am, and still nursing a broken heart (for being early by 15 minutes) and tired feet. Get off midway to Lyndhurst Terrace. 

The shop's on the right if you walk up the hill/take the escalator. There is a variety of products in the shop, including food products in packages which you can bring home. 

The Egg Tart (5 HKD) is made from an almond-flour crust which many say is its secret to tasting good. I could imagine its pie crust being stuffed with tonnes of butter into that small surface area. My friend said that the egg filling tasted "very eggy". For me, I felt that the egg custard was quite good because it was very soft and had a rich flavour. However, the excessive butter ruined my egg tart experience because I'm not too fond of food that is too buttery. 

As I emphasise one more time, if you like buttery crusts, this egg tart is for you! Service was hostile at this particular branch.

 Tai Cheong Bakery
35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central 
Tel No: 852-2544 3475


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