Monday, July 23, 2012

Harry Potter: The Exhibition

I was in primary school when I picked up my first Harry Potter book. That coincided with the first time I visited Borders, which is sadly now closed for good. More than a decade since my first Harry Potter book, I was excited when I heard that Harry Potter: The Exhibition was coming to Singapore.

Summing the exhibition up in one sentence: Watching a book or watching a movie is better than looking at inanimate objects. 


Before entering the exhibition, you have to line up to take a picture with a scarf on, and you may choose to purchase the photographs later on at the souvenir shop.

As usual, photographs and videos are strictly prohibited, so the next few images are taken off their website.

It started off, looking promising, where a very articulate girl invited people to try the sorting hat. She also asked the volunteer what he/she wanted to be sorted into. Honestly, will anybody say anything other than Gryffindor? After this, you get guided into a room with multiple screens and watch several excerpts of the Harry Potter movies. The curtain rises and you will end up at the main exhibition.

The more interesting things in the museum were probably the Baby Mandrakes and the Quidditch section. Here, you can uproot the mandrakes and they will start screaming. Another is the Quidditch section where you throw the Quaffles into hoops. Being the extreme sports-idiot that I am, I was dwarfed in skills by the 5-year-old-looking kid next to me. 
Courtesy of Warner Bros

Other stuff included the costumes and sets used on the movie. One example is that of Hagrid's Hut where you can sit on his big chair but that's about it.

Courtesy of Warner Bros

The general feel I got from this exhibition is that it is very flat, in the sense that it lacks motion. Compared to the Titanic exhibition, I spent considerably lesser time here. Also, the exhibition sorely lacks information (e.g. trivia that Harry Potter fans will be interested in). The souvenir shop was interesting, but overpriced.

Click here for the ticket prices. We wanted to pay $24 for the all-access pass which comprised of a ticket to both the Harry Potter Exhibition and 15 Minutes Eternal at the ticketing counter. Strange enough, we got directed to the Coke counter where we were told that if we bought 6 cans of coke ($4 each), we would get a free access-pass to the exhibitions. I'm not sure when the promotion lasts till though.

If you are having two minds of whether to go for the exhibition, the following video might help you. It's precisely what you will see in the exhibition! 4 minutes of video time and you can decide whether to go for the exhibition!

If you really want to catch the Harry Potter exhibition, just pay $4 more to get access to Andy Warhol's exhibition because we actually felt that it was more worth it this way!

Harry Potter: The Exhibition
2 June to 30 September 2012
Art Science Museum 
10 Bayfront Avenue 
Tel: +65 6688 8826


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