Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Singapore Garden Festival 2012

The Singapore Garden Festival is an event that I never miss. For its vibrancy, its tranquility and its creativity. This is the fourth time I'm visiting the festival since 2006 and once again, it lives up to expectations.

At the Entrance

There are several highlights in this show, spanning two floors. Fourth floor is where there are tonnes of orchids and where the marketplace is, whereas sixth floor is where many of the themed gardens are. 

Here are some of my favourite exhibits.

Garden of Tales by Damian Tang

Time and time again, I never fail to be impressed by the fact that even with the space constraints in Singapore, it is possible to create a green oasis within your own little space. I was really intrigued by these little baubles but the toilet bowl one seems pretty impossible. Other exhibits also give some inspiration on ways to create greenery on your balcony.

The Ferris wheel also seems to be a perennial theme. I somehow remember seeing a ferris wheel exhibit the last round too! 

For bonasai lovers, you'll be in for a treat! I have no idea how bonsais are judged but I love the fact that they are so immaculately trimmed and shows the meticulous nature of the green hands at work. 

One of the more interesting exhibits was by AVA. It shows you where your food comes from! From huai shan (a chinese herb), to potato, to rice, to oats- you can see the base ingredients of a lot of food that we consume. How often is it that you see rice plants? 

If you happen to be seeking some inspiration for your wedding dress, you might want to consider this (although I'm not sure of its lifespan). 

Beyond White, Zita Elze

I think it's not an understatement to say that there are many thought-provoking pieces throughout the exhibition. It's not about flowers, flowers, everywhere. But it also involves an exploration into the creator's mind as well as trying to interpret the exhibition via your own lenses.

Incredible Lightness of Being, Per Benjamin

There was an exhibit with all the famous landmarks in the world and presumably the flowers that grow in the country. A pity the tulips at the windmill (Holland) looked kind of sad, probably because they have been there for quite a few days. My friend commented that it looked as though some fat kid fell into the bed of flowers. But otherwise, it was an interesting exhibit. 

If you are interested in getting your hands on some plants or other plant-related things, be sure to go to the marketplace. Although the orchids were labelled chocolate smell, I couldn't smell anything!

There are several multimedia exhibits that you should catch, including Upturned Splendour, Eliam Eng which incorporates light, music and water fountains (plays every 10 minutes). The Kaleidoscope is also pretty neat. And although I didn't really feature any of the orchids in this post, but that doesn't mean that it isn't beautiful! Don't miss them!

Entrance fees are also reasonable and affordable. What are you waiting for? 

  • Passion Card Holder- 20% off
  • Holders of NTUC, SAFRA, Home TeamNS and Civil Service Club cards- 15% off
  • Staff of Suntec Singapore- 15% off
  • Staff and guests at Conrad Centennial Singapore, Pan Pacific Singapore, Mandarin Singapore, Mandarin Oriental and Ritz Carlton Millenia- 15% off 

7 July to 15 July 2012
Suntec Convention Centre
10am - 10pm 


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