Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Maxim's Palace City Hall 美心皇宫 (Hong Kong)

The bell boy at the hotel we were staying at must be earning quite a bit of dough. When we asked him for a dim sum recommendation, he recommended us Maxim's Palace. When asked further whether it was expensive, he replied, "No. It's reasonable and affordable." Well, technically it's really not that expensive but we could possibly have at least 2 meals of dim sum at a decent cha cheng teng for the same price. 

This place is perfect for a wedding. Unlike many old Chinese restaurants which may be draped in gaudy red, this place has huge chandeliers above and you get a fantastic view of the harbour outside. You may have to queue for a place in this place though. We waited around 10 minutes when we reached at around 1 pm. This place is pretty old school, where servers push the carts around and you choose what you want. The interesting thing is that they paste pictures with English and Chinese words on it so that you can place your orders. 

We ordered the Lotus Leaf Chicken.The glutinous rice was moist, unlike some places where it can be too dry. The chicken was accompanied by some salted egg yolk.

The Rice Roll with Prawn was quite good with fresh and big prawns. 

After my encounter with Tai Cheong Bakery (which was far too buttery for me), the mini egg tarts here brought me much comfort. Warm egg custard with a flaky crust.

We also ordered some Deep fried Taro Puffs which had a very crispy and light exterior. The mushroom bits in the puff added to the flavour of the puff.

All of the above, plus a bowl of beancurd, added up to 223 HKD, which is a lot more expensive than normal dim sum. If you are looking for a place with plenty of seats and don't mind spending a little more, this place is an ideal choice with its good dim sum. However, once is enough for me because I don't think it's worth it to pay so much more because its quality isn't far much better than a good dim sum restaurant such as Tim Ho Wan. On the other hand, if you are looking for variety, this is probably the place for you.

Maxim's Palace City Hall 美心皇宫
Various locations
2/F, Low Block, City Hall
(Near IFC/Central MTR)
Tel No: 2521 1303 


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